Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Part 1:
Why?Why are stories so important to childhood? Why do people read stories to kids? What do the kids get out of this experience? What kinds of things do kids learn from the actual stories and from the experience?

I think stories are so important to children because when they hear story they get idea of what life is about. even though when we read stories to kids we tell them unreal stories they still get some thing out of it. they get their learning ability devolped a early age.

Part 2: Why? Later in life...Why do older people (high school and beyond) read stories? What do these readers get out of this experience? What kinds of things do older reader learn from the actual stories?

i think we all need to read and we read because as we read we learn a lot about whats around us and what is to come. what we learn from reading is every thing because when we read we always find something new that we did not know before for example if I read story about the war i might think I know a lot but still find out about how many people died and more.

Part 3: Why? In our nationwhy are stories so important to our nation? The New York Times best seller lists are one of the most powerful media tools in the world. People flock to by the books listed there. How do stories fit into the fabric of our national identity? How do stories people write create a forum for the discussion of concerns and issues in our nation? What do stories allow people (the writer and the reader) to do?

the stories are inportant to our nation because we write whats on our mind to inform people to learn about whats going on and it might be a good wake up call for some people. we all have different mind and we need to know what kind of things are in every one else mind. i thing the writers write book best on what they might hear or experience and write about it.

Part 4: Your storiesWhat were some stories you remember from your childhood? Why do you think these ones stand out? think of actual books as well as stories you were told orally by people. Whom do you connect to these stories?

i remember my dad telling me about how i should go to school every day. that story stand out to me now because i understand what you could get from going to school. if i don't go to school i would not get to take good care of my family later in life because i see a lot of people now that could not give their kids what they want and that can not be me.

Part 5: Characteristics of a well-told storyDevelop a list of 7-10 characteristics that stories should have. Be specific. Do not just say that "stories should have good characters." What makes a character good? Think about what the author should do and how the reader should feel when reading.

I think story should always have.
  1. good story teller
  2. story that every one could relate to or some thing you would want to read
  3. nice begaining
  4. good ending
  5. problem being solved
  6. words readers could relate to
  7. writer most feel the story

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