Wednesday, March 19, 2008

as an Oromo person when i hear about whats going on back home, i feel the pain as of i was there. there are many thing on this earth i don't agree with and war is one of those things. back in Ethiopia there is war going on with the Oromos and Ethiopians. i hate hearing about it all people talk about is who died and how many people have been killed. but the most painful one is hearing that those that are not even part of the war or just normal people that are living there with the name of Oromo are being hart.
many people are running away so they they could stay safe. but that is not working for them because every where they go there is something wrong going on. for example if they go to Somali there is war there too if I'm not wrong they are fighting with Ethiopia and when they run to Kanya they have their own voting problem there too. so i feel like the Oromo people are left all alone with out place to stay that are safe for them so as Oromo person i don't know what to do because i want to do something but i feel like there isn't much to do from here to help those in need of help but i try to stay up every day because some of those people are my family.

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