Monday, February 25, 2008

Note: I will be grading all blogs after today. Be sure to get those old entries done today.
1. Congratulations! You wrote your first play. Reflect on your experiences here in paragraph form. Be sure to including explanation for your ideas. Write at least 75 words.
Some things to consider are:

this play writing was hard for me because i was sick most of the time. i did not know what to write about so i thought of some issues that i see in my community. so i start writing about the problem youth face after they come to america from their home land. i don't think play writing is something i would do for fun but i would not mind writing it if i have to.

2. If you could give advice to a kid who was 5 years old or 10 years old (pick one), what advice would you give him or her on growing up in today's world? Would you give advice based upon your own experiences? Would you give advice based upon what you see in others? Would your advice be based on their thoughts, their choices, peer issues, school? Explain your advice and why you give it. Write at least 100 words.

if i have to give advice to a kid that is 5 years old i would advice him or her bast on my experiences because i can't talk about any one elses exerience but mine. and my advice to this kid would be to follow his or her dreams. i give this advice because you have to have something to look forward to in this world. if you don't have any thing to look forward to you would never move up in life and change your life to better yourself. other thing that goes well with following yuor dreams is never give up. if you have a dream it doesn't mean any thing if you give up on it.

3. Great works of literature can last a long time. Jane Austen's novels (including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility) are still popular almost 200 years after they were first published. Anne Bradstreet's poems have survived about 400 years. The works of Greek playwright Euripides (who wrote Medea) have survived for over 2000 years. What do you think causes great literary works to live forever? Could you ever foresee yourself writing something that lasts that long? (Write at least 75 words.)

i think this words last for long period of time because the writers don't just focus on one thing they write about thing that any one could relate to. many people use this word and people are using it it would never go away. it would just keep on going getting past dawn to the next generations. as for me i think i could write something or start something that people would remember for very long time if not 2000 years maybe 150i think that is long enough for me if people remembers my work for that long

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Mr. Miles said...

It sounds like an interesting topic. I can't wait to read your play. I think in the coming years, there will be a market for people talking about their experiences in America and the adjustment. People will want to read to see how other people's experiences compare with theirs and others will be interested in learning what it's like.